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Text: Another Day, Another Destiny. Les Miserables. 38th Revolutionary Year, Sondheim Theatre. Image: A line drawing of Cosette against a revolutionary background.
Text 'Izzard is delivering the performance of the year' hollwoodsoapbox.com. Eddie Izzard performs Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. Image: Eddie Izzard stood on a set of stairs holding the railing, Izzard is looking at the camera and is wearing a suit, the stairs are timely looking.
Text: 28 performances only, 23 May 18 June 2023. Maureen Lipman in Rose, by Martin Sherman. 5 star Metto, What's On Stage, The Upcoming, London Theatre Reviews, Theatre Weekly. The Ambassadors Theatre. Image: Maureen Lipman against a starry sky wearing stripy clothing and a scarf.

West End Legends

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